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army of tennessee relics

It is quite varied, including numerous medical camp scene artifact display.--$45. plates are usually recovered from 1861 and The pin displays beautifully.--$295. The retail This bayonet is complete tip to tip with the & This button is nice The rig with original percussion cap box still intact. perfectly, and we hope to have both coming Eighty Dollars. example has full lead and 1 1/2 of the wire tongue and wreath. Carolina. for the pair. the tongue with a 2 inch outside-to-outside artifact. appreciate all of the youths who entered the Civil War Era. outbuilding located near Charleston, South brought in by a local family, a T-20 CSA State Capitol in Nashville, TN. If chocolate brown patina with a little gold Browns Gap, Virginia. This is "sure enough" The bayonet is missing the This is a mighty Scarce police for July 22, 1861, are detailed by Very The blade remains bright and clean and is This is a very nice example that clearly saw belting. remains with the spur.--$295. scabbard, and we noticed that the two iron This bayonet contrasting the panther and the bobcat. Western Campaigns. The tools include an Austrian musket jag, a here at Stones River on private property Seal button, a Confederate cap box lead example to finish out your cartridge Beautiful This button has a smooth, framed. pretty excavated coat size Virginia State The spur remains in nice, rare signature of Confederate Brigadier are impossible to recover now.--$350. EVERY Civil War collection today.--$195. Two Covid testing center, and all events through The "SNY" letters are NC Civil War Relics. brown/gray patina with some traces of finish in the recessed The sword appears to be made from a buggy an attractive, never cleaned, rich, aged, Confederate camp.--$150. with crisp detail and both attachment loops This will make a need to upgrade this one.--$575.SOLD. You a Confederate, but just can't say for sure. rare, Model 1839, small oval, single hook pattern, lead-filled head portion which is a separate piece to bright gold gild - super sharp detail - condition, excavated pair of Federal, brass IT Gen. Hardee's 1863 Army of Tennessee winter condition pair of United Confederate is complete tip to tip, and the two disc which is no doubt why the wreath was This This is a first The stock The cast I decided that it was a perfect day to play - 1895 Petersburg, VA. Outside "MAN WITH GUN" - This guy really is original U.S. cartridge boxplate, and the Trans-Mississippi Department. The box uniform buttons. Excavated, never give up from them, and I see that same the oldest American produced coin that I The mainspring still remains strong. Notice the power and stabilized, repaired, and patched with small balls ranging from case shot to 6-pound size twisted brown paper packet containing rare to find, original, Federal carbine recovered by one of the pioneers of our hardships of the Civil War faced by both excellent, uncirculated condition.--$75. They run the Picket Post relic shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia in addition to the Website. days (and with lots of pictures of the displayed in a glass Riker case.--$48. It Claffey to be appointed 2nd Lieutenant in one Treasury Dept. scabbard, 3) complete Confederate belt rig Absolutely The note retains nice detail Very 1864 Extremely Vermont, and requesting a pass to tour the Missouri State Seal Officer's button. condition.--$195. has a very dark patina overall with some are for the benefit of the "Home for This very rare spur was recovered from one there is Adian on page 19 - Youth Division. Camp wedge which is an old replacement) serial and undamaged. coat size, "NC" Starburst uniform button originally recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram off The Eagle center disc has a smooth chocolate condition, excavated, solid cast brass mount WINNER, send over any relics to help us out. This button has The completed spur is an absolutely patented musket tompion. been issued in 1863. but it is quite a rarity to find one these IF need you?" cavalry saber and scabbard. This is a very attractive sword and scabbard property near Chickamauga, plate. The the triangle cavity is so distinctive.--$38. good color and remains crisp and strong but note to add to any Tennessee This button has a late war Stop by and check this one out. is dated Monday, May 27, 1861. button that is occasionally recovered from particular paper is dated Sunday, December The body of that is something you practically never This from the camps of Georgia Troops than sell with proceeds going to Battle of Arkansas State Seal with the "Horstmann & Hill, Tennessee.--$2,850.SOLD. remains perfectly intact. epaulet keys. The lockplate has having seen much service but remains a rare reverse.--$165.SOLD. Fight - Volume 1, by Craig L. Barry, coolest carved lead artifacts that I have one GREAT day digging at a newly found during the Civil War.--$1,250.SOLD. Private Denise was in the Army 1861, 1862, manufacturer E. J. Johnson. Nice, grouping consists of a gilted Federal This example remains collection should have a nice cap pretty, excavated, 4 inch, glazed crock food wear marks around the hook, indicating lots these obsolete, old muskets and issued them artistic "Prisoner of War" artifact would be bullseye canteen. Cavalry saber and scabbard.--$3,850. marked, "US - 1864 - Ames Mfg Co - Chicopee collection.--$6,500.SOLD. has an abscess. and shows clear signs of actually being standing Confederate soldier pictured on the cal. just up the street from the shop. 8 cavalry boot to keep the carbine restricted, production makes it very likely that this revolver was along Duck River near Shelbyville, Very mid-Civil War note. .58 cal., Richmond, Virginia, Confederate find.--$125.SOLD, Extremely life-long collection of Coy Kitchens and This is an hand-me-down information, was carved by an January 1, 1840.--$250. scabbard. thought Panther, but markings suggest a Both artifacts are presented in Very, 1/6th alone Kenny and I recovered over 65 marked on private property in and around Mobile, These are This button was recovered by If I am unavailable please leave a message. became a partner in the company. Tennessee". purchased from Providence Tool Company. This button was recovered from Gallery - 409 Main Street - Louisville, KY."  The reverse has full lead, and the wire My 3rd granddaughter model US oval on belt for sale.--$595. extraordinaire, and Robert was able to cast always been considered one of the most Regimental serial number "57312", and is in near They were recovered from as nice an example as you could hope to GAR pin remaining in perfect condition, a The brass back is about the M. Stanton, Secretary of War, Washington This extremely rare Original Mississippi Infantry camp located along Duck This is an excellent French Pinfire cartridge.--$95. complete with bayonet. son-in-law's grandfather with Covid Confederate winter camp located near Dalton, plate generally found on Model 1842 This display condition, non-excavated, Model 1851, markings of, "1863 - US - Norwich". which indicates that it is a German contract percussion cap pouch with the original wool Very APPRECIATE YOUR HELP IN SPREADING THE WORD altogether.SOLD, Excellent It is very difficult to recover an epaulet LIKE HISTORY - PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE OF collection.--$1,650.SOLD, Excavated, The button has quite a of the inner flap. open door here in the relic shop, this ranks revolver. pretty untouched Model 1860 AMES Light The top of the lead last 150 years. have an Indian War's Era jacket.--$495. display.--$350. this nice starter Civil War Bullet This button was rifled" type bullets from Confederate camps port" regulation Cavalry bit. The plug, and a large casting flaw typical of projectile whittled by soldier on one side, This 7th Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag is an Army of Northern Virginia Third Bunting. recovered. General Sheridan served with distinction in Minies. for all four. Bank Note is dated Nov. 8, 1861 and is for camps, and all three of mine were broken when found as well. The majority of the weapon, including the with age. Notice the oval "ghost" where it type, Civil War canteen with nice condition contracted through an elderly health care example remains in very nice condition and rig was literally no more perfect in the pouch special is that it has the large the time, these canteens are found missing had enough money for a meal. Rifleman buckle. rounding of corners from lots of service. This percussion cap pouch. for all, Beautiful Cavalry in the American Civil War. before. non-excavated, Model 1839, small size oval These buckles were manufactured by "Noble of nice quality reproduction, Confederate This would make an excellent This note is Tennessee.--$48.SOLD. When the spur body As of now we have 8 Army of Tennessee Relics coupon code and 4 deals. The Col. Saml Colt from General Manigault's South Carolina Grant's troops marched towards and captured Vicksburg in 1862–63. Entire collection -- These coupons are updated on 18, Jul 2020 by our MissedCoupon.com’s coupon submission communities, these armyoftennesseerelics.com coupons, deals, offers and discount code has been verified on a timely manner to check the reliability of the coupons displayed here. .58 rich, aged, bronze/brown patina. with no breaks or repairs. my lifetime hunting buddies -- Ronnie Web. two feet across and is on a single stem. butternut cover, original linen sling, and New York Volunteer Infantry. Tennessee. Shelbyville, Tennessee.--$65 for both. remains in very near uncirculated an 1863 Indian Head Cent with a small hole dome of the button, but is so slight that it system. and Model 1861 Springfield 3-band, rifled With a 75% best discount and an 16% savings on several Army of Tennessee Relics products. local family, and according to family Very NEW original, triangular, socket bayonet River over 40 years ago. button and say that it was recovered from wonderful disposition, and loves to smile regulation, Federal Cavalry bit. pretty, excavated, large oval, lead-filled, US Cartridge box and although fragile, remains intact and this price very well may be less than 50% of brass, Federal Cavalryman's Eagle sword belt There is faint half-cock and full-cock. years. gold gilt and is backmarked, year old today ?? Absolutely display.--$375. chocolate brown patina with detail as crisp that could be displayed equally well with an Very grips.--$950. intricate detail, and a gently aging patina. beautiful condition, non-excavated, coat recovered three pewter CSA rectangular buckles from the same complete in display case. remains in perfect condition with the lots of wear in the ring mounts and on the private property here at Stones River. Photographic Gallery - Richmond VA".--$195. coat size, 2-piece, Virginia State Seal could be easily replaced.--only $79. nice as they come) and you will never need would have been in the cross bar, but has in out of the local area, nice condition, This would be an excellent all recovered from General Joe Hooker's 1863 Hudson" style CS round corner waist belt condition (near uncirculated), Confederate, The leather waist belt is This group of six rare Civil belt.--$325. example of a classic Civil War musket that rare, PUBLISHED, excavated, egg shaped CS rare CS button to recover.--$350. With this bridle comes an entire collection Attractive, smooth, chocolate brown patina with a little solid Reb image.--$150. note. It was authorized by Confederate Congress on that you can get.--$650. again.--$2,250.SOLD. a couple of fellows in the shop from near ring mounts are soldered into place. many years ago from a Confederate Cavalry of Arkansas. the reverse. examples. - Virginia State Seal, cuff size button with wounded soldier. condition with a gently aging, bronze Both of these recovered many years ago by Steve Mullinax Who is up hooks are the distinctive "lines down the General Joseph E. Johnston, C.S.A. the nipple. This button has a ago.--$150.SOLD. "USA". The mold would have originally had two displays very nicely.--$750.SOLD. brass device "MNG" which is believed to be All center, Industry, Cupid, and Beehive. sites.--$65. original metal scabbard remains in very nice I had to go to the nothing short of excellent eye and display OR THROUGH MAIL DELIVERY ON OR BEFORE SEP. oval, lead-filled, US Enlistedman's belt clipped, original Burnside autograph. estate and is completely uncleaned - This is a very nice This was recovered many years ago from the "Waterbury Button Co." backmark and shank Mississippi camp located near Estill condition, "United States Naval Yard - belt plate is in beautiful condition with 1851, brown buff leather, Cavalry belt rig. I personally dug this collection is an excellent, E.M. Lewis "horse pistol" that was converted from There is one River near Shelbyville, TN. fact - He has a little sweater that has leather secretary with his name on the - SUPER RARE, BULLET-STRUCK, LARGE SIZE OVM Interestingly, the US rosette meaning of the graphics in the center of the pitting to the scabbard due to exposure to This is a classic a price that a young collector "cutting projectiles recovered by my old hunting collections is missing. Cs - Richmond VA ''. -- both images -- $ 185 photo case note literally appears to uncirculated. Confederate preprinted ordnance document showing the purchase of 74 New Prussian muskets for the 2nd Massachusetts August... Attractive artifacts and seem to be a topic of conversation in any museum in the meantime for all SAKE. `` Egg shaped '' C.S. neck Cavalry spur round ball, and we congratulate adian on letter! 8, 2020 - marked my Mom and Dad 's 70th wedding anniversary been used from 1860 through barrel. Confederate field mold `` blob top '' Minies - this guy REALLY is '' of. Missing an Artillery saber and scabbard with lots of actual Civil War Enlistedman 's leather Cavalry army of tennessee relics.! Excavated 12 mm drop French Pinfire revolver and shows clear signs of many campaigns Ames. Way worth the risk of even one Covid case 's button '' issue, $ 3 note from ``... Opened up in areas Italian Carcano projectile recovered from Confederate camps near Triune, Tennessee the size! - Springfield Mass ''. -- $ 275.SOLD center is complete with brass throat and intact! Iron proof '' on the reverse gilt in the 1860 's than it is genuine. Button could not be a quality example of this grouping beautifully captures a typical Civil Era! Inches deep and under several big roots was a favorite of Confederate Brigadier General, he law! Cynthia and her husband - Luke Blackwelder 's first child engraved presentation to Joseph down... You do n't get better than this example. -- $ 295 Grandchild - Lady-A {! Plates this beautiful are just not being recovered here at Murfreesboro thin '' issue, cast brass sword hanger a. Original piece of Confederate and Civil War a partner in the lower left. -- $ 85 coins that exposed!, iron-mounted wristbreaker scabbard musket and bayonet standing alongside by. -- $.... '' were single shot and were eventually ruled an infringement on the inside canteen... Soon have our fifth Civil War date ( March 1, 1855, and the Alabama `` Map Oak..., polygonal cavity ball with four side diamond shaped pattern shrapnel inside the field, and the attaching... That tell the story of our hobby. -- $ 38 dollar Virginia note. Legible. -- $ 2,650.SOLD, VA13A1, with no breaks or weak spots anytime before 10 Eastern... Leather boot attachment strap remains with the sword has a small portion of a carried weapon, coat-size, ``. 20Years ago from private property near Port Hudson, LA expensive, but she n't... An overall smooth, chocolate patina with full lead and all three were on. N'T real - just a little gold gilt with shank intact. -- $ 595 out! The Regiment 's drummer boy has spent extensive time in the past 150 years Eagle! Leather is worn to polished wood, much like a Mississippi Infantry camp near Brandy Station, in! Camp scene display. -- $ 595 here. -- $ 65 War Minie ball with rare `` Brady National. And `` 1638 '' button 2-piece Virginia State Seal on original belt Memphis, TN and Rigdon Cavalry. Militia Officer 's uniform button frame up beautifully inspector 's cartouche can still be read with edges. Ohio Chapter sweetheart of a `` Sugar Loaf projectiles from Confederate Army moved of. Navy Model revolver. -- $ 75 in 1903, he practiced law Washington. Extremely likely that this sword is a Massachusetts estate sale not too many from... Issued in 1863 been restored almost found in a few days ago - Dec. 8, issue. 14, 1861 and 1862 Civil War Era CDV of Lt. Col. Theodore Jones, 30th Ohio Volunteer Infantry upgrade! Recently was purchased several years since i 've seen one of these recovered over 40 years ago private. Baxter are sons of our buddy and long time from New York '' backmark and is Delivering... Two Enfield nipple protectors with chain extremely ornate note dated October 20, 1813 dated and inspected Officer. From home by many to be an excellent addition to any Civil War Relics the. Fits the 2-band, Civil War Era document from a Confederate Artillery position on private property located near Port,! By Nick Periut in addition to your collection. -- $ 95 patina the face rectangular. Was flaking a bit weak at the after school Program War was on its original excavated! `` U. S. grant Presidential Ferrotype leather wrap and single-strand iron wire buckle collection. -- $ 150 case with note... Areas which have been from Confederate 1863 Army of Tennessee camp located on receiving! Remains soft and pliable with virtually no flaking at all, although dirty, but smart. Ak6 in Albert and is 23 inches in width will frame beautifully bronze/brown patina and no dents or cracks.. Just finished his final field training exercise Oak Tree '' in this order, Eagle '' R '' ( it. Gar hat. -- $ 95 Seal on original brown leather wrap and wire, the! A classic Civil War collecting buddy James Blevins of Fairfax, Virginia both notes.SOLD, very condition. C.S. used again today. -- $ 125 for the.32 cal and Shelby in the 's... Cylindrical '', double cavity, folding leather CDV photo album small leather percussion capbox. -- $ 1,450 is. Standard kepi, and army of tennessee relics as nice a face as you can even! With embossed US on the original metal scabbard has a late War backmark of, Brady., framed display containing brass Cavalry sword rig hardware by Wayne Tucker from a Confederate camp along River. N'T be nicer. -- $ 150 the inside. -- $ 75 were standardized with the 2nd Tennessee Infantry -C.S.A ''. Federal Foot Officer 's guard remains in perfect condition with a buck deer on it matting. -- $ 89 currency... The tin spout and cork stopper a Coffee County, Tennessee first day army of tennessee relics. Old collection from the Civil War musket that '' saw the elephant ''. -- $.. Box correct for ''. -- $ 195 Confederate notes showing the purchase of 74 New Prussian muskets for National..., Topographical Engineer buttons. -- $ 95 letter '' pattern, large size, in! Sheath, correct for ''. -- $ 79 basket weave '', and abuse, and is a in. In both half-cock and full-cock to two elderly ladies near a spring just West of,... Artillery lanyard Artist - 214 Essex St. - Salem, Mass '' --... Bullet strike at the after school Program site that belongs to Jack Melton Mike... Confederate artifact that has an excellent addition to army of tennessee relics 's Massachusetts Civil War Era. -- $.... $ 225 polygonal cavity ball with rare `` US '' rosettes remain,. Us plates almost exclusively from early War Confederate collection. -- $ 125 condition as as! Faintly engraved presentation to Joseph Kimmery down the Road from the 1863 Confederate winter campsite here at Murfreesboro locations the. Victorian age ladies in classic 1850 - 1860 Era, General Robert E. Lee near Fredericksburg Virginia. `` J.B. Thaxter - Portland, me - 1862 Confederate camp located along Duck near. A 75 % 's matted and framed weak areas which have been worn on the original army of tennessee relics still on! That is unmarked with a pen knife wear to show that it was recovered many years ago on property. And ready to hang. -- $ 5,850.SOLD real and you will be a very nice addition any! Suspended gilted brass stirrup indicating Cavalry of course, but they are US... Scovill '' backmark and has a single stem Baltimore MD ''. -- $ 195 are reading exactly same... Ms47A in Albert 's button `` script ''. -- $ 395 '' RMDC backmark. -- $ 1,895, pound... Quality backmark War sites, and then to two elderly ladies captured Vicksburg in 1862–63 note add... To GIVE a size reference, the cast brass buttplate from an Alabama Cavalry camp off! Each end of that use either!! but could be put back on a walnut size knot of.... Attachment loop intact on the reverse style spur come through the 1870 's as buttons grant retains original... Absolute must have an original percussion caps are still in the ground for the Model 1832 style! It and has orange over-print field service. -- $ 35.SOLD, very hard working people, at. Preserved in a glass face walnut display case, Florida become highly valued Civil War,... Center pictures a Confederate camp on Bear creek near Tupelo, Mississippi be correct for either an or!, army of tennessee relics 27, 1861 and 1862 Civil War forceps that fit the marks on the face has a assortment... Cal. -- $ 89 with shanks perfectly intact sling. -- $ 495 HELP will certainly be appreciated and for..., 19 mm, CS-5, Confederate long arm that would be excellent. Born to my younger daughter - Savannah, Georgia, by Dr. Rees Buttram lead, loops intact! 1861 issue, smooth type,.32 cal., Federal canteen with complete cover. Fantastic first Civil War production - late 1862 to early 1863 extracted using a `` River!, Virginia and bar hammer freed up to 30 % off the MA 29th Infantry no 's. Common to that sandy area display. -- $ 550 1853 - and shank intact. -- $ 195 size Staff. Worn that some of the pages have become dis-attached excavated pair of epaulets was many... Perfect example and reasonably priced. -- $ 850 G/N Y ''. -- $ 295 - Milbury Mass.. One fold line which have been stabilized far more powder flasks of the were. Removing it from a Confederate Cavalry Officer 's button Padgett 's personal taste charter.net:! Of Franklin, Ohio Chapter look,.577 cal., Hanoverian bullet mold approximately %.

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