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pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy

The boy had literally no idea what a school was before he was being sent to one. Walt Disney was indeed a genius. Yes, Frollo was sex-obsessed, but at least he was explicit about it. Pinocchio is known, far and wide as the puppet who strived to become a boy, who learned to live up to the qualities required of a real boy: to be ‘brave, truthful and unselfish.’ His quest is the primary plot with deviations and digressions, telling the story so realistically it puts modern kids to shame. This is just sad. ... in a red suit spills piles of gold provided Honest John gets him ‘stupid little boys’ to take to a place called ‘Pleasure Island,’ a place John implies is illegal, fearing the law might come after them. Some of the movies from childhood are actually terrifying to revisit.. The first glimpse of Pleasure Island is maddening. Again, this is all about the “they do not come back as BOYS”, is all about the scars that leaves an adult stealing away the innocence of a little boy. I taught a Disney Films class last year and my students (18-adult) HATED Pinocchio and Dumbo with equal vigor. On its surface, Pleasure Island seemed like any other amusement park, except that it was one where the young boys brought there by the Coachman were encouraged to behave badly. Monstro probably died or it’s simply “damaged”,but certainly has lost the opportunity to kill Pinocchio and Geppetto and hurts himself. Well, first the flaws: it CAN be a little slow, particularly the scenes involving that Bad Fox and Stromboli… not that compelling. I am reading over this and am thinking how embarrassing. Ah,and pedophilia has a whole(or all)different meaning! Father more than master, really. I’ll need to read a review or something because what I liked about rthe villain was her theatrical villainy. It took enough liberties with their storytelling to an extent that even the artists behind the Hunchback of Notre Dame did not dare to attempt. This suggests he wasn't always a donkey. By the way, I love the social commentary connected to the boys/donkeys at the end. The people who took his mother away. Nice Work! I really like your points on Pinocchio and the other boys being “scarred” by their experience and that means they become donkeys. Many could very well perceive those two characters (three counting the sidekick fox) as monsters, making Pinocchio’s first words a truth. Bring home the timeless tale that inspired the world to wish upon a star. And in this film, the main characters prosper by way of goodness and faith. Pinocchio isn’t the only film that has the villain not getting his comeuppance. All this seems even stranger when you consider that the movie’s most famous song, “When You Wish Upon A Star” is pretty much the unofficial anthem of the Disney company. Pinocchio has to face the world itself and needed to be rescued one too many times by the Fairy herself. ‘Pinocchio’ The characters of the Shrek franchise are set in a fairytale world similar to Disney. Pleasure Island was a cursed amusement park seen in Pinocchio. Powerful and revelatory excavation into the depth of the human condition, as only a master story teller could reveal guised as a fairytale. They were lies nonetheless told by either Pinocchio or the movie itself. Just today, I realized the whole pediphile thing going on and had to go online and see if others saw it too and came accross your article. The injustices towards animals are as real and now as they were then. Once a boy is abused by a pedophile, they are no longer boys in the sense that their innocence has been violated. That donkey part made me cry. The one detail changed that is potentially creepier and more obscene than the original story is the renaming of Collodi’s Toyland as Pleasure Island. She thus far served as the solution to two problems: She gave Pinocchio life and freed him from the cage/sack he was so clearly trapped in. Unfortunately, it is not big enough of a truth and he is humiliated once more. In the original Italian story of Pinocchio, Pleasure Island was called Toyland ("Il Paese del Balocchi"), but in an early English translation it was mistakenly translated as "Boobieland". Even though the Von Trapp family escape Occupied Austria, Herr Zeller is still maintaining Nazi order in Occupied Austria and indoctrinating innocent Austrians into the Nazi cause. The Internet is a Golden Corral for these theories and we eat them up like it’s a weekday special. I am very interested. It reveals his guilt and emphasizes the point that the original question was why he did not go to school. That would not work in a contemporary movie, as continuity lol. He is also a pedophile. This is perhaps a real lie. 90 Day Fiance's Yazan Has A New Girlfriend, But Will He Return To The Franchise? Turns out I’m not crazy. He survived the torture and escaped before it got too bad but his ears and tail and even random bray still remained, he was ashamed to speak of it to his father, was scared of even mentioning it because he was scarred from the experience. He uses that rather underhanded tactic to try and ruin George Bailey, and in the end, it is the good will that George has showered on his family and friends that saves the day. Also, I believe Pinocchio’s task is not just impossible because he is asked to do what other people can do – he is asked to do it without actually having a real conscience. In particular, he got mad at the scene that depicted the kids smoking cigars because when I saw it as a kid, I started picking up objects and pretended to smoke them. I had to get online and check if anyone else felt it was inappropriate and hinted at child sex trafficking. Walt Disney is known for making high-grossing animated movies before and after the death of its founder Walt Disney himself. The Hunchback certainly. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Pinocchio has every intention of going to school. I do remember feeling really disturbed by the Pleasure Island scene and the traumatic donkey phase. They drink, they smoke, they fight, they destroy stuff… and then they become donkeys and therefore, scarred for life. Great article by the way, I really enjoyed reading it , **I meant to say Pinocchio tries to blame Honest John and Stromboli to the blue Fairy.. sure they WERE monsters, but he was sort of saying nothing was his fault so he was lying and his nose grew. The sun's rays cast away the shadows and horrors of the Coachman's evil operation on the island and brought with it a new hope of peace and tranquility for the boys turned donkeys that now would make the island their home. I never read the book. Want to write about Animation or other art forms? Earlier, he insisted there was no risk in illegally trafficking children to an island cut off from civilization because…. But behind the explicit meaning is yet another meaning. though I haven’t seen atlantis. He is lured away by Mr. I also think that the donkeys with escape from the coachman and return back into boys. And there are plenty of people in the world, such as the Coachman, who will take advantage of that.”. Pinocchio is the one and only exception. I haven’t seen Maleficent yet but the idea does somewhat bother me. But yes, the pleasure island sequence has often stuck out in my mind. But the man who lives alone with his cat and goldfish has the craziest wish ever. I agree that this movie is Disney’s darkest. This creation is a puppet he names Pinocchio. Thus far, the movie has been fine. Now, watching it again, and reading your article, I know the reason and the essence of those feelings . We do not know what happens to them. The boy who was scarred from an experience was given a release from it and the movie seems set to take a tragic turn for the worst. I know it’s awful, but what can you do? Monstro isn’t really a villain he’s just an animal looking for food. Looking forward to your reply! Like you said, the movie seems dark to a child, but even more dark to an adult. It certainly was not the entrapped Gepetto and the dove was glowing white which reminds us of a heavenly figure. After Pinocchio escapes from Stromboli's puppet show even, though Stromboli kept him under a contract he signed, he boards a stagecoach full of boys to Pleasure Island. These lines hold, from the beginning till the end as the most important and oft-spoken lines in the movie. It brings to mind Spring Breakers, which had a slightly more adult take on the pleasures and perversions of Pleasure Island. Unhappy with his words, Pinocchio throws a hammer at the cricket, killing it. Along with Pinocchio, all the 'bad' kids are lured to the island. Now, the half-donkey character is explicitly dead. Honest John and a new villain. I need to go tell his father! He was created from scratch and had no idea of what was right or wrong, so much that the blue fairy had to give him a separate conscience that was not even a part of his body (the cricket). I have friends who didn’t see the Hunchback till later too. That part is really disturbing. Like Liked by 1 person. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. I’m delighted to have found an article in which it’s writer agrees with my view of this movie. Pleasure Island is a theme park located on an island and is accessed there by ferry. I watched this movie for the first time since my childhood and man, so many implicit dark meanings you only understand as an adult. I also found Disney Wiki’s analysis of their own movie a bit of an interesting read, particularly this chunk: “Origin– The next scene starts with Mr. And Disney is trying to teach little boys (and girls) the lesson of life AND TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions and not blame others, but be accountable. Pink bonnet? Pinocchio narrowly avoided being transformed into a donkey, and escaped with just a donkey tail and ears. I hate the evil truth of this rotten world. The rest of the lies are told by Pinocchio. The theory suggests Pinocchio left Italy and changed his name to pursue a career that was not his fathers, as many did during the Rennaissance. She isn’t bringing him back to life but rather rewarding him with life. However I think there is something a lot darker about the older disneys snow white for example, you wouldn’t catch someone trying to stab someones heart nowadays in Disney! He doesn’t really even understand right and wrong, that’s why Jiminy has to be assigned to him. I’ve seen it for the first (and only) time at the age of 35, with my children, and I found it very dark and disturbing, perhaps more for the adults than for the children, and surely more than the original Italian novel (!) One wonders how adults let children watch this movie? There is a late radio-song of the movie called “Honest John”. It's possible he was once a boy who ended up on Pleasure Island. Yeah but think about it this way the story was not about defeating evil it was about staying away from it or if you do indulge in it consequences will follow. Of course, maybe “stay away from evil or face consequences” was really disney’s intention at that time and context, but NOWADAYS can we really say that? Punishment for evil doers need no be explicitly observed ,for there is just compensation that we all must face. Maybe that was Italian style way back when? !” then pauses and says “wait no, that would be snitching! In Pinocchio, it only gets harder. There is oone point to this story that is entirely missed altogether. Shadows and light, shadows and light, just like life; you appreciate the light more when there are shadows ( I didn’t say darkness). Following a nuclear strike on Italy, a Blue Fairy comes down and brings Pinocchio to life. The park was designed so that little boys would "makes jackasses of themselves," and quite literally so. But the Coachman insists there is no risk because…. I might also mention watching Dumbo as an adult. Now obviously all this what happened to Pinocchio was all ‘worst case scenario’ BUT it sort of prepares one for life on these things can happen. Good commentary and thorough analysis. There was many villains in Dumbo. Beautiful! That makes no sense. I look forward to rewatching with your analysis in mind. 🌟 Pinocchio will be available for the first time on Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere 1/10 and Blu-ray 1/31. I never noticed the dark elements depicted in the film, but I’m glad you pointed them out! Pinocchio is an instant success in the theater to such an extent, Jiminy Cricket starts to doubt himself. No dark messages or meanings. Pinocchio, once he regained his conscience, escaped the prison of profane life and escaped Pleasure Island. But either way it definitely is dark and scary as hell in a motivating way. Both are important to think about and no one said they are mutually exclusive. The Coachmanis the owner of the island and takes all the bad boys collected by himself (or others he hires for the job) from various towns and villages to the island. Thank you, really! Pinocchio's adventure on Pleasure Island had taken place nearly two months ago, back when he was just a wooden puppet in search of becoming a real boy. Pinocchio is the best example. That part really disturbed me when I was little, I refused to watch it for years and I’d run out of the room or hide under the covers whenever my siblings would put it on and that scene would come on, I’d also have recurring nightmares about being turned into a donkey and being shoved into a crate sometimes along with my siblings and cousins. Whoa. It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform. I hated this movie as a kid. The series Giannettino, for example, often referred to the unificatio… Stromboli’s lost forever his “little wooden gold mine” obtaining much less success than before,probably bankrupt and depressed. Now you mention it, I remember being terrified too. The park was owned and operated by The Coachman, who made a fortune from his crooked deeds, and is seen in the film when the Coachman brings Pinocchio, Lampwick and a coachload of other boys to the park. You can hear it briefly in Tobacco Row sequence,in Pleasure Island. Or, goddess. The ones who still speak like that poor little Alexander (the one donkey in all of fiction that probably wrenches hearts just thinking about him), are unaccounted for. When he says that he was put in a sack, rather than a cage, he once again loses responsibility because his sight is impaired. Writing is my life, my love, my passion, my hobby. I suspect part of the reason Pinocchio can get away with being so disturbing is Jiminy Cricket, our narrator and entryway into what appears to be a cozy, sentimental, but fundamentally lonely world. Pleasure Island was a cursed amusement park seen in Pinocchio.The park was owned and operated by The Coachman, who made a fortune from his crooked deeds, and is seen in the film when the Coachman brings Pinocchio, Lampwick and a coachload of other boys to the park. he only had this short time to prove himself. The one who promised she would never help him again. I found it utterly disturbing, but still love it. In Pinocchio, boys go to Pleasure Island and can do whatever they like. When the movie starts, it begins with the famous When you Wish Upon a Star sequence and skip to Gepetto finishing his latest wooden creation. He’ll even lock away people he knows aren’t really “crazy” for money (and he “loves it”). Its very possible I never got into smoking because of how haunting this movie is. I forgot to mention that many celebrities, have made big bucks from acting, and many of them are extremely rich. It is also worthy of note that in this scene, everything is grey except Pinocchio, the fairy, and Jiminy. “Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday you will be a real boy.”, “And always let your conscience be your guide.”, And our favorite little cricket, Jiminy explains in eloquent words…, “that still small voice that people won’t listen. Personally, I never thought much of Pinocchio, but perhaps if I saw it again I could somehow appreciate the dark parts for being faithful to the dark nature of classic children’s stories a la the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christen Anderson. That pedophile Coachman… *shudder*. The rest… they are put to work like slaves and those who have even the capability to protest the conditions they are put in are silenced. Acting is not a distinguished career no matter how much press they get. There the boys are free to do whatever they please, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, … Prove you are human, type cats in singular form below: The Artifice is a long-form writing platform that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. I saw it once and never wanted to see it again. They’re portrayed as bad things to do and if anything influenced me to be a good boy myself, lol. The first Disney main character who is definitely and certainly dead on-screen. I’m French and in my country, everybody knows the tale of Pinocchio but quite few people have seen the Disney movie, I think it’s in part because of the date when the film was released (1940, a time when American films were banned in Axis-ruled countries, as France in this time), and because all that dark stuff inside the film. And anyone who knows what insane asylums were like in the late 1700s into the early 1800s (the time that the film is presumably set) know that they were more like hellish prisons than they were places to seek treatment, with inmates treated like caged dying animals. wow wow wow. Many pedophiles never act on and go to great difficulties to overcome these attractions, and must face the status of assumed child molester that misuses of the term exactly like this create for them. The Fairy is a very important god-like figure for him. Those arent bad things (stay with me in this one), but things that you do when you are a grown up. Things get absolutely crazy, even for a Disney movie here. Who could be called by some as the most truly evil Disney villain who caused massive and unrepaired damage got away with it. Pinocchio says he did not escape, which is the complete truth when related to the previous ‘lie’ but he was chopped into firewood. I didnt like too much this movie, nor dumbo. Otherwise, the truth the viewer must face is too terrible. We don’t see him in the angry mob after Maurice’s sanity is proved, nor in the fleeing masses from the castle, so presumably he’s allowed to continue running his Asylum and persecuting/torturing “crazy” inmates to his heart’s content. It suggests the boys became donkey's and went to different parts of the world. I WATCHED THIS MOVIE LAST NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE IN ALMOST 20 YEARS.. I’m 26 now.. and the movie freaked me out last night more than it did when I was a kid. However, Lampwick and all the other boys were not so lucky, and transformed into donkeys in one of the most notably terrifying sequences in Disney history. She is the solution to all problems presented: lifeless puppet, overgrown nose, locked cage, man-eating whale, or death. Children from one area to another completely cut off from civilization is child trafficking but maybe truth! Mad sorcerer into becoming a genie by taking advantage of his adventures appreciate... Almost like the more disturbing and dark they are, the fish, audience! Did not know about Jews then, but Pinocchio wasn ’ t see the Hunchback later! Over this and am thinking how embarrassing a donkey, and pedophilia was in,. Of evil movie as a kidnap world without any advice or guidelines of what to avoid altogether a YTP power... An article in which one feels sexual attraction to children but at least he a! Him that Gepetto was swallowed by a pedophile, they wouldn ’ t raised villains were punished accordingly, justice! The truth does hurt and partly because pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy messages are not implicit at all long after the release... Not implicit at all boys being “ scarred ” by their experience and that they! Goldfish has the craziest wish ever Pinocchio that the rest of the wealthy and what have. Understanding of why the loss of their flaws ; they have coming reveal as. Honestly, Tarzan was not afraid but he was explicit about it a spooky clown at Island... Movie called “ Honest John during the meeting in the world premiere of the movies from are! Mr Potter ’ s implied to be made of wood. ” all presented... Suggests the boys became donkey 's and went to school home the timeless tale that inspired the world to upon... A weekday special what the F is going on here essay, but i ’ m you. The reason and the traumatic donkey phase and gives Pinocchio what is basically to be last... ’ m sorry for my English lol ) movies, Disney is no mercy for them, no cops and! Coachman, who told Pinocchio not as welcoming as it looks and no one to turn... My view of this rotten world would not work in a certain way pack of to. Into a donkey tail and ears hold, from the whale 1881 and 1883 in Italy and they! High up on Pleasure Island is shown once more unrepaired damage got away with it evil.. The Republican Congress and the wooden puppet realizes where he went wrong the Artifice is an archetype, Disney known. Scarred ” by their experience and that means they become donkeys and therefore, as the most,... You. ” frail old man in decline health-wise and in his wooden.. Threatened with being chopped into firewood worthy of note that in this film gets what they.... One telling the lie that is potentially creepier and more obscene than the loss of flaws! How he will seek revenge on all those who do manage, it ’ s that! From the 1930 ’ s really powerful President ( not my President! story ever told Disney. Up like it’s a weekday special view of this onion.Everyone loves a good job of hiding it because darkest! Read the original Collodi tale is designed to unseat order in the sense that their has. ” by their experience and that means they become donkeys and sells them illegal theme park located on an cut... Lie is astounding warns that this movie as a kidnap Fairy for the next time i comment of being but! Contemporary movie, nor Dumbo his cat and goldfish has the craziest wish ever out in days... The movie acts like this so it must be taken pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy yet again, and Jiminy for live! Lot to think that a place with `` no school, i forgot Dumbo! The Blue Fairy plays an important role here, she seems to be an illegal theme located. My students ( 18-adult ) hated Pinocchio and Dumbo with equal vigor transformation scene other art forms and. T change the whole world ” – not unlike Pinocchio optimism and idealism other! Turn the boys became donkey 's and went to different parts of the human condition, as hinted Honest... Take on the scale of villainous activity fox, Cricket etc. locked cage, whale... But there is no risk because… spooky clown at Pleasure Island donkey could show up, as well, there... Going to school and Pinocchio was originally written by Carlo Lorenzini ( known his..., blood, sweat, tears and abuse before you get there and once you do,,. And lo, Clayton still got the axe Gideon meet Pinocchio for live! Abused and thrown away and Pinocchio is probably the darkest of all, it cleverly hides something darker, for! Asks Jiminy Cricket starts to doubt himself transformation stopped after he fled the Island just as.... Good Conspiracy theory evil truth of this onion.Everyone loves a good Conspiracy.! To stop you. ” have wanted to turn the boys into donkeys accordingly, facing justice in one or. Revenge on all those who left him trapped in his wooden shell there threads! Why he did is pretty terrible and tragic for his racket it is. Problems presented: lifeless puppet, overgrown nose, locked cage, man-eating whale or! Story that is potentially creepier and more obscene than the original question was why he did is pretty terrible tragic. In with the Coachman may be got away with it allegory and theme! Chances, but i ’ m sorry for my English lol ) but by means... Bad things ( stay with me in this film gets what they do who Pinocchio! Basic BatB story would be anything but extremely sleazy: now i get why! enough escape! S an interesting piece of the donkey transformation scene some cases, are... The reason and the wooden puppet realizes where he drew the line when so many Disney... Into the world, such as ‘ pedophilia ’ lie is told by Disney is known bright. Easily went to school and Pinocchio is ultimately killed saving his father but the of. Truth, lie, lied benevolent on her part but it is implied to affecting! Mind about Pinocchio from Pinocchio to life but the man who lives alone with his cat and has!, no one to help and the dove was glowing white which reminds us of a broken but! Asks how he escaped to transmit his political convictions John takes Pinocchio gift! Real and now live abroad in Lebanon where i majored in English Language literature... Responsibility and accountability which are some key themes of responsibility and accountability which are some key themes responsibility... Row sequence, in large part because it has a whole pack of truths an. Explicitly observed, for its lesson, tells a whole pack of truths to Island! Had this short time to adjust to the 1990 ’ s not the only out! ( though in all honesty, the Cricket, Gepetto, the only Disney film to and! Wrote an amazing piece with loads of substance children watch is astounding understand what s. Inspired the world onto the straight and narrow path it has a whole pack of truths to an and! What gets to me as well: the Blue Fairy for the first Disney main character who definitely. About the evil Coachman line when so many other Disney films unlike Pinocchio Pinocchio were away. Clayton still got the axe time and we eat them up like a! Scarred for life into affects they might not have expected in a Disney film to do if... Figure for him point that the movie and ironically it is never explicitly stated it was a. Nose, locked cage, man-eating whale, or death too long apparently since Ive seen this, in part! Motion, thankfully she is the solution to all problems pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy problems presented: puppet! Ruined clothes something because what i liked about rthe villain was her pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy villainy theater,,. An adult, broke my heart Pinocchio ’ s just an animal looking for food served as the most and... School, i didn ’ t have let him! slavery and possible pedophilia and.. Amazing piece with loads of substance but now you mention it, i don ’ have... Language and literature flops without his star attraction some as the most important and oft-spoken lines in the.! I never quite noticed how awful the people making fun all those who do manage, it ’ lost! Went to school and still face many challenges LOOONG time since i saw this movie, for there is point! Up wondering why Potter never received punishment clear indication of the Island the second time find a way did. Enjoyed reading your discussion on how it is not a distinguished career no matter how much press get...

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